Wear What You Dig

Photo: Doug88888

Photo: Doug88888

Ok, so I didn’t come up with that title, it’s a quote from Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights. I’m not trying to make a fashion statement though, I’m sharing with you an inside joke my Mr. and I have between us…..

Inside jokes between two people create a bond, and during hard or stressful times exchanging a quick laugh can be a couples savior. These kinds of witticisms instantly relieve tension and assist in bringing two people closer together. Starting an inside joke is simple, all you need is some close friends that you can say pretty much anything to, and then when something funny happens, keep it between your bosom buddies and yourself. For example, there was a stray female cat that lived outside an office my boyfriend and I worked at. Every time the cat saw my BF she would run up and twist herself around his leg. One day I started singing to the cat “she works hard for the money, dada dada, so hard for the money”, and we started to crack up. From that moment on every time we saw the cat we would sing Donna Summer’s hit song and laugh and laugh and laugh. Eventually, just singing the song or listening to it would have us rolling on the floor.

We never told anyone the joke, because they wouldn’t even get it if we tried to explain it. And even though that man and I are no longer a couple I still look fondly on that intimate moment we shared, and it still brings a smile to my face. Tickling the funny bone of the people you love can ease depression and make the dark times seem a little bit brighter. So, look on the lighter side of life, and keep laughing with your friends.


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