The Way To A Man’s Heart….Steak?

Photo: shellaz413

Photo: shellaz413

It’s been a stressful week here in my little East Village apartment, so to smooth things over and help my man relax I thought I would make him a traditional steak dinner. You know the kind, salads with home-made Ranch dressing, Sirloin steaks, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, veggies sauteed in butter and steak fat, and for dessert…. strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yep, a dinner fit for a king, and well….my king needed it.

Dinner can be such a stress relief if done right. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy their food. They just gobble down what ever they have on hand, not even bothering to ask how their dining partner’s day went. This, however, misses the true essence of a meal, and can set a person up to eat too much of the wrong foods. How do you solve this problem? Start with these three simple steps to start truly appreciating your fare and your dinner companion/ s.

Set the table. Pull out the table cloth, place mats, cloth napkins, candles, and china. The aesthetics of a beautiful table trick the brain into thinking you are celebrating, and truthfully a meal is something to commemorate . It allows you to appreciate the fact that food is on the table, and people (or a person) that you love are sitting next to you.

Check your stress at the door. This is the most important, and sometimes the hardest to do. To get use to not sharing your trouble or anxiety with your loved ones stop at your front door and envision your tension as a mist that floats out of you and into an animate object. I use a little Chinese mirror that hangs above my apartment door to direct any negative energy, and honestly, it works.

Experiment with new recipes.  Make dinner special by concocting something different for you, your mate, or/and your family. Plus, it makes for fun conversation, “What do you think? Does it need more of this or that?”. So, pull out your cookbooks and start preparing fun new dishes. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new family favorite.

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