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My mission is to make healthy eating sexy and craveable!

I offer a variety of services and packages to suit your needs including:

Recreational Cooking Classes

I offer a variety of different cooking classes and workshops for couples, singles, and bachelorette parties. You will learn about foods and herbs that will awaken your senses and get the juices flowing, prepare a three course meal, and drink an endless supply of wine or cocktails.

  • Couples cooking classes: includes apron, 3 course meal, all recipes emailed to you, all you can drink wine $100 per person
  • Bachelorette cooking classes: include apron, 3 course meal, all recipes emailed to you, all you can drink wine $65 per person
  • Aphrodisiac workshop: include food demo, recipes, and detailed aphrodisiac information on how to turn a normal love life into an explosive one $300 plus expenses

Individualized nutriton counseling

Discover how to live your most delicious and sexy life through private nutrition coaching in my office, in your home, or via phone/skype.

As a chef, certified nutritionist (DTR, CDN), holistic health coach, and director of wellness programming for non-for-profits and business corporations —I know that to crave healthy food, its got to make your mouth water. That’s why when you sign up for a healthy coaching package, I include delicious recipes that suit your dietary needs.  I help people lose weight, manage dietary related diseases like diabetes or heart disease, gain energy, heal their guts, and start to love food again. You will feel the difference with my recipes and personal diet plans because real food heals. My services include:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling and coaching for adults looking to lose weight and gain energy.
  • One-on-one or couples sexual nutrition consultations. To help everyone have the energy for love at the end of the day. To live sexy you got to eat sexy!
  • One-on-one counseling to manage IBS and other digestive disorders. With these disorders we will look into the FODMAP diets.
  • One-on-one counseling for gluten-Free diets for celiac disease and gluten-sentivity.
  • I can help you turn your kitchen into a place that promotes healthy eating with a delicious kitchen makeover and grocery store tour.
  • One-on-one or group healthy cooking classes.
  • One-on-one holistic coaching for people looking to add medicinal herbs to their daily habits.
  • One-on-one holistic coaching if you are looking for an alternative way to heal your body.

Health is so much more than just food. My services focus on overall wellness, not just your diet. I help people heal from disease, and start to love food again. That is why in the initial consultation we will look at

  • Sleep habits
  • Patterns of stress
  • Emotional intelligence and/or barriors with food
  • Exercise Habits
  • Medical history
  • History of trauma, if any
  • Short-term and long-term health and diet goals
  • Current health challenges
  • Your health and weight goals
  • Your personal goals to unlock the life you have always wanted

Individual Counseling Price Packages

  • Healthy tune-up: initial 65 minute assessment, 45 minute follow up session, 3 easy to follow and make recipes that suit your dietary needs, unlimited support via email $100 for the entire package
  • 30 day mind, body, and soul cleanse: initial 75 minute assessment, 45 minute weekly follow up sessions, 12 easy to follow and make recipes that suit your dietary needs, unlimited support via email $250 for the entire package
  • Whole body wellness: initial 75 minute assessment, 6 45 minute follow up sessions, 12 easy to follow and make recipes that suit your dietary needs, unlimited support via email $300 for the entire package


“I was overweight, pre diabetic, and tired all the time. I came to Tawnya as a last resort to manage my diagnosis. I never dreamed that not only would my sessions with her help bring my blood sugar levels back to a healthy diagnosis, but lose 45 pounds and have enough energy to do the things I love. She not only helped my accomplish my goal of being healthy again, she helped me live a more productive life where I was confident enough to create the life I always knew I wanted to live but was too scared to try to accomplish. Oh! And her recipes were so delicious. My entire family craves the dishes she introduced us to.” Kathy Powers, New York City 

“With Tawnya’s direction and healthy recipes, I was able to get my IBS in control. I never felt like I was on a diet. I always craved junk food, but once she helped me organize my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, and taught me how to cook delicious healthy food, I now crave things like roasted broccoli and cauliflower more than I crave Doritos.” Jennifer Reyes, New York City

Please email tawnyadelairemanion@gmail.com to schedule a session and get started on the path to experiencing the life you have always wanted!



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