Hello World

I want to take this first entry to introduce myself and what this site will be addressing through blogging and video blogging. Let’s start with myself. I have a passion for food, health, and eroticism. I think all three should be explored and practiced. If you understand what your body truly needs to be healthy, happy, and sexy. Your days may not necessarily multiply, but they will be much more enjoyable.

Tawnya Bananas


  1. I love it!!! Hot picture baby- u rock!! Big Kiss xoxox

  2. Nice! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  3. wow! so glad to see you finally got this idea up and running…you rock!

  4. made a typo =)

  5. Hey Tawnya.. wow looking good.. what’s up?!

  6. Hey, really cool blog!!!, i saved it in my fav´s so i can read about you. Kisses from Argentina!!!.
    Marcos (Vero Ridi´s boyfriend)

  7. Aren’t you Powergirl ?

  8. Yes, I shot the Power Girl shorts.


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