Broken Embraces


I absolutely adore the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. His wonderful Spanish movies burst at the seams with sexiness.  Tie me up Time me down, Live Flesh, Talk to her, and his newest film Broken Embraces are some of the most provocative films to ever grace the silver screen. They always get me in the mood no matter how my day has gone. Almodovar has this amazing ability to capture every aspect of human sexuality and passion without being vulgar. The excitement, the scandal, the antipathy, the tenderness, and the warmth of lasciviousness will leave you breathless for your lover.

I had the pleasure to catch Broken Embraces this past Thanksgiving Evening. It was the best movie I had seen in the theaters all year, but there might have been one too many scandals to keep track of in Broken Embraces.  I will not waste your time with the plot of the story. I will tell you that I laughed, I cried, I held my lovers hand, and once I got back from the movie I made love all night long. So, if you’re planning a hot date with someone, take him or her to a little restaurant that has great lighting (preferably candles) and then to this superb movie.


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  1. I think “Jamón Jamón” is the best Almodovar movie ever

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