A Bigger or Smaller Butt?

Do you want a bigger or smaller butt? No matter what size derrière’ you have or want, its important to keep that backside smooth and free of dimples. Cellulite, that persistent subcutaneous fat that causes unevenness under the skin, effects most woman across the globe, and how to get rid of it is a much sought after answer. The cause for cellulite persist of hormonal factors, genetic constituent, predisposing aspects, and individual lifestyle facets. And though experts, such as Dr. Molly Wanner from harvard Medical School states, ” At this point, there is no outstanding treatment for cellulite”; I have personally witnessed woman, including myself, reduce cellulite from their hips, butt, and thighs. In this blog entry I want to share my tips for busting that pesky fat right off your backside.

1) Eat a diet of mostly fish, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Fiber assists your body’s elimination system, which helps maintain a youthful appearance in the skin. Also, increase your intake of cold-water fish, such as salmon. When you eat this kind of fish you consume a large amount of essential fatty acids. These acids help reduce cellular damage and strengthen the cells, and in turn create more cells faster.

2) Sweat! I talk a lot about sweat, but its an important part of releasing toxins that are trapped in the skin, which can cause the skin to appear dimpled. My advise, spend thirty minutes a day in a steam room, or work-out vigorously on a hot and humid day (just don’t forget to hydrate with minerals and water).

3. Jiggle it. You gotta move to get rid of those pesky fat riddled problem zones. The best exercises to loss the appearance of cellulite in your hips, stomach, thighs, and backside combines exercises that build muscle and burn fat. Such as Pilates, lunges, bridges, jumping jacks, jogging, Zumba…..I could go on and on. Basically, you must exercise or eventually cellulite will begin to rear its ugly head.

4) Make a scrub out of coffee grounds. Caffeine is the number one ingredient in most pricey over-the-counter cellulite creams. Therefore, after my morning coffee I gather up my grinds, mix them with olive oil or apricot kernel oil and  rub the mixture into my problem zones. Caffeine works on cellulite by enhancing circulation to the affected area. In turn, this helps remove toxins and excess water from the tissues, and as a result your skin appears less dimpled.

I hope this entry gives you a little insight on how to get rid of or prevent cellulite on your body. I never said it was easy, but with a little time and effort you will notice a decrease in the amount of dimpled skin on your behind.



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